We’re looking for talented people who are dedicated to making the world safer, healthier and more productive®.

A job is one thing. A career is something else. We offer the chance to make a difference with work that goes beyond a job. When you join Jiantonio Group, you become a part of Filtration Group, an organization that improves the quality of lives all over the world. We are making a difference for our generation and the next.

Our values are inherent to the Filtration Group culture. These three values guide us in how we work with and relate to one another and how we collaborate with our partners:


Filtration Group Culture

Honesty and transparency are essential to our process. We partner with management teams we believe in and avoid arrogance, complacency and bureaucracy. As a result, our teams function at the highest levels of engagement and are inspired by our mission and leaders.

Bias for Action

Our employees continually work, evolve and innovate – we embrace challenges and use every resource to serve our customers. If there is an opportunity for us to make the world safer, healthier or more productive, we move quickly.


As part of a growing number of business units under the Filtration Group name, we serve a global customer base. We are locally operated by entrepreneurs who have an ‘owner’s mindset’, who know their customers and understand their needs. By taking ownership, our employees have the discretionary authority to take charge, take risks and create the innovative solutions.