Filtration Cost Optimization

Top 5 Approaches to Reduce Operational Expenses and Reduce Filtration TCO

Whether you are in transportation, storage, or processing of oil and gas, we understand the continuous challenges to improve operations and deliver a high-quality product to market.

If you are looking to increase efficiency of your operations, improve product quality, or decrease operating costs, examining your process to ensure you are properly using the right filtration product in the application can deliver real impact to your bottom line and reduce filtration TCO.

Here are some approaches to evaluate your filtration to not only improve the process, but also reduce the costs.

1 – Site Optimization Audit: Best Cartridge for the Application

In your operations, while the current filtration process may be working, some red flags that indicate filtration optimization may be necessary include:

  • Process issues like foaming, off spec product, high reboiler temperatures
  • Frequent changeout of elements caused by operational changes or any of the above scenarios
  • Cartridges lasting forever is another issue. Cartridges are consumable items and if they are not building differential pressure then they may have collapsed or may not be sealing properly. This leads to other issues downstream that most likely will increase the total cost of ownership/operation.
  • Inability to track differential pressure (DP) or spikes indicate issues. A spike in DP that returns to normal operations and is lower than before can indicate a ruptured element.

The site optimization audit allows us to determine the cause of these issues and recommend the best possible options to eliminate the issues to improve your process efficiency and reduce operational costs.

2 – Site Filter and Media Consolidation: Multiple Applications with a Single Cartridge

Jiantonio Group extensive cartridge manufacturing capability and experience allows us to evaluate multiple filtration applications across your processes and find opportunities to consolidate cartridges to allow you to achieve the filtration flexibility you need and optimize your spend on cartridges. Our goal is to deliver real savings and technical expertise while offering industry leading delivery times.

3 – Engineering Services: Contaminant Qualitative and Quantitative Study

While the operations are scaled down, it may be the ideal time to undertake some process improvement projects that will lower your operational costs. Jiantonio Group can help you conduct testing to ensure you have the best solution for your application.

4 – Rentals: Reduce Capex Investments

If you are looking to replace a vessel, run tests, or just need extra capacity but, are constrained on Capex budgets then Jiantonio Group Vessel Rental Program may have the solution. With a range of both liquid and gas filter vessels available we can provide you with a vessel design that fits your needs.

5 – TCO Analysis: Reduce Filtration TCO

Jiantonio Group offers a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis which is focused on evaluating your process and identifying areas that may be costing you in efficiency or operating dollars. As part of this service one of our filtration experts will evaluate the type of filtration currently being used, and your processes performance data to run a technical analysis and provide insight to what your current filtration technologies are costing you and provide detailed recommendations on what filtration improvements can be made to increase operational efficiencies and profitability.

Jiantonio Group partners with oil & gas producers to solve process challenges by understanding operating goals and evaluating the current filtration. With our extensive field experience, an understanding of filtration best practice and broad offering of filtration technologies, we are confident we can deliver an engineered solution specific to your process allowing you to deliver a quality product efficiently and at a cost that improves your profitability.

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