Fuel Gas Low NOx Burner

Fuel gas cleanliness is an important factor in the consistent operations of compressors, turbines, and Low NOx burners. Poor removal of solids and liquids can lead to poor combustion, high fuel usage, as well as costly high VOC emissions, especially in today’s Lean Burn engines.

High-efficiency Low NOx burner tips are also susceptible to fouling and coking when liquids or solids are present.

Filtration Solutions for Fuel Gas Low NOx Burners

To reduce costs associated with poor fuel gas Jiantonio Group recommends a HIGH-EFFICIENCY MULTI STAGE GAS COALESCER to effectively clean the fuel gas.

We have a wide range of filter cartridges ideally suited for Fuel Gas filtration. These include: TWIST-LOK, MICRO-LOK, AND TRI-SHIELD.

Advantages of a Jiantonio Group Fuel Gas Filters

At Jiantonio Group, we know from experience that processes differ from field to field, pipeline to pipeline, refinery to refinery, and day to day. Contaminants vary in form, shape, quantity and risk.

That’s why a customizable filtration approach is necessary to not only protect the downstream equipment, but to optimize the filtration process for maximum efficiency.

With our extensive solution range we can offer the right fuel gas filters for your application.

Filtration Applications
for the Refining Industry

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