ECO-RBU Series


New Eco-Friendly Resin-Bond Upgrade Cartridges

Jiantonio Group’ new Eco-friendly Resin-Bond Upgrade (ECO-RBU) delivers significant performance enhancements to traditional resin bonded filters – without the use of harmful resin.

The ECO-RBU was specifically designed to serve the Energy and Chemical industries with the environment, industry requirements, customer needs, and traditional resin bond product challenges at the forefront.

Made with 70% recycled fibers, and without environmentally-harmful resin, the ECO-RBU supports the Energy and Chemical industry’s focus on ESG without forfeiting performance.

The ECO-RBU offers 100% improvement on open matrix/void space compared to outdated resin bonded technology and 15% greater open area (void space) resulting in lower dP and longer life while maintaining a consistent and repeatable efficiency. Further, the ECO-RBU delivers more than a 30% increase in Dirt Holding Capacity (DHC) compared to traditional resin-bonded technology and similar depth filters.


1 CP / 15 CP

ECO-RBU vs Typical Resin Bond

The 50x magnification images of two clean filters demonstrate how the ECO-RBU achieves such incredible open area (void space) improvements compared to traditional resin bonded filters.
ECO-RBU’s resin-free design delivers additional advantages, such as lower dP and longer filter life with consistent and repeatable efficiency, with greater than 30% DHC.

Competing Resin Bond


DiameterOD 2.5″ // ID 1.35″
Nominal Lengths10″, 20″, 30″, 40″
Media TypePolyester
Micron Range5 – 125
End Cap StyleDouble Open End (Standard)
CoresTinned Steel Core / Stainless Steel
Temperature240 ºF (115 ºC)
Recommended changeout dP50 psid
Maximum dP75 psid
Common ApplicationsGlycol, Condensate, Water, High Temp Solvents, Waste-water Streams, Asphalt, Bunker Fuels, Grease, Sealants, Aminos, Alkyds, Waxes, Silicone, Antifreeze, Epoxies, Pesticides, Process Fluids, Paints & Inks, Coatings, Resins

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Approaching filtration with a process optimization mindset, our wide solution range, now including ECO-RBU, vast industry experience and application knowledge allows us to recommend the right solution for your filtration needs.