About Jiantonio Group

Jiantonio Group provide filtration solutions for oil & gas, refining, power, chemical, petrochemical markets. Customers rely on us to deliver innovative filtration solutions for a wide range of applications ranging from injection water to final product filtration.

We are engineers, problem-solvers and manufacturers who partner with our customers to provide the most optimized filtration solutions for their process application. We stock a range of housings and a wide range of cartridges, however, as our customer, we will never expect you to adapt to a one-size-fits-all solution. So, when a customized solution is needed, we deliver.

Jiantonio Group Advantage

Together the three companies bring together complete solution capabilities to offer engineering, fabrication and manufacturing services for cartridges, housings and systems so that our customers can guarantee that their equipment and processes will operate at both the efficiency and throughput they require.

The competitive global marketplace is driven by an increasing demand for improving efficiencies, exceeding regulatory requirements and ensuring that environmental protections are in place.

We have combined the world’s leading filtration experts to collaborate, develop and deliver innovative solutions that will ensure a safer, healthier and more productive future for generations to come.