Proven Filtration Solutions for Chemical Processing

Maximize contaminant removal, minimize maintenance downtime and improve process efficiency with customized filtration solutions for the chemical market.

Our high-performance filtration solutions are proven to deliver reliability, efficiency and profitability for chemical plants worldwide.

Our filtration solutions include:

Filter housings.  Leverage the benefits of our expertise in oil and gas filter housings which lead the industry in quality, reliability, and durability for the chemical market.

Filter cartridges.  Let our filtration experts help you select the right filter for your specific chemical applications, contaminants and operational demands.

Benefits of Jonell Systems Filtration Solutions

Maximize processing efficiency and performance

Ensure efficient chemical filtration systems at critical points in the chemical processing operation. By ensuring that inefficiencies in one area don’t affect the next, you can mitigate risks, reduce operating costs and improve the quality of the end-product. 

Jiantonio Group’ advanced filtration solutions are engineered to integrate seamlessly into your processes to maximize contaminant removal for truly streamlined chemical processing.

Improve availability and reliability of operations

Left unchecked, contaminants can lead to the damage and corrosion of sensitive process equipment, which results in expensive unplanned downtime for repairs and maintenance.

Our advanced filtration solutions are designed to meet the most demanding chemical processing applications, while reducing the frequency of maintenance interventions and improving process efficiencies. The result is better availability and reliability of operations, with lower operating costs.

Filter elements are available in a wide variety of materials including: polyester, polypropylene, cotton, nylon, Teflon®, Nomex®, metals, micro-fiberglass, resin-bonded cellulose, and more.

Extend the life of capital equipment

Whether for feedstock purification, removing emulsions from chemicals, filtration for process fluid reuse, or other purification, our filtration solutions are designed to maximize contaminant capture to reduce the risk of equipment failure and extend the life of equipment.

They prevent contaminants from causing expensive damage to equipment downstream, which eliminates the costs of unscheduled maintenance and operational downtime

Engineered to meet your rigorous plant requirements

Properly designed and implemented filtration equipment is paramount for the protection of your critical chemical processes – especially because chemical processing operations are highly sensitive to variations in feed quality and contamination levels. That’s why we take the time to understand your unique filtration challenges and application needs. Then we draw on over three decades of experience, best-in-class resources and technology to develop a solution that best suits your needs.

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