Oil & Gas Filtration

Filtration and Separation Solutions for Oil & Gas

Minimize maintenance downtime, extend equipment life and save costs with high-performance oil & gas filtration and separation solutions.

High quality, efficient and safe systems are critical for Oil & Gas companies. That’s why our engineers have developed filtration and separation solutions that are not only cost-effective but meet the most demanding production and processing needs.

Benefits of Jiantonio Group Filtration Solutions

Engineered to meet demanding processing needs

With thousands of different filter elements for a wide variety of filtration applications and a full line of housings including cyclones, filter separators, particulate filters and coalescers, you can be confident that we have the right solution to maintain and enhance your operational performance.

To meet the most demanding gas and petroleum applications, filter elements are available in a wide variety of materials including Polyester, Polypropylene, Cotton, Nylon, Teflon®, Nomex®, Metals, Micro-fiberglass, Resin-bonded cellulose.

Maximize operating efficiency and performance

We partner with you to maximize efficiencies and improve maintenance operations with our custom-designed high-performance oil & gas filtration solutions for the production, processing, transportation, refining and storage of the entire gas and liquid hydrocarbon value chain within the industry.

Reduce downtime with rapid filter replacement

As a one-source supplier for all your filtration and separation needs, Jiantonio Group can quickly replace over 40,000 OEM cartridge part numbers to ensure your operations run smoothly.

Extend the life of capital equipment

Contaminants can cause long-term damage to equipment, such as turbines and compressors, which leads to expensive maintenance and compromises process performance. Our filtration solutions are designed to maximize contaminant removal and separation to lower the risk of equipment failure and ultimately extend the life of equipment. It also eliminates the costs of unscheduled maintenance and downtime.

Meet environmental safety regulations

Environmental safety is essential. You can be confident that our systems are guaranteed to meet all industry regulations by maximizing the removal of solid and hydrocarbon contaminants.

Explore our Oil & Gas filter cartridges and filter housings:

Filter cartridges. Let our experts help you select the right filter for your specific applications, contaminants and operational demands.

Filter housings. Leverage the benefits of oil and gas filter housings which lead the industry in quality, reliability, and durability.

Oil & Gas Filtration Applications

With 35+ years of experience in innovative filtration technology for Oil & Gas, Jiantonio Group engineers solutions for major critical process applications.

Explore our key applications

Other Oil & Gas Filtration Applications

Compressor Outlet Gas: Remove fine aerosols and low surface tension liquids lube oils from the compressor outlet to protect downstream equipment.

Flow Meters & Meter Runs: Remove liquids and solid contaminants to protect high efficiency meters for accurate custody transfer.

Gas Re-Injection: Prevent plugging in the down-hole formation by removing liquid hydrocarbons, glycol and solid contaminants.

Condensate Separation: Remove water and solid contaminants from condensate.

Injection Water: Remove solid contaminants and microorganisms which can foul injection wells.

Inlet Separation: Bulk solids and liquids removal as pre-treatment for downstream equipment.

Lube Oil Filtration: Removal of solid contaminants to prevent wear on critical rotating equipment components.

Produce water: Remove solid and hydrocarbon contaminants to prevent environmental problems associated with surface disposal and plugging during re-injection.

Turbine & Generation Protection: Remove lube oil contaminants and prevent build-up on turbine blades.

Wastewater Treatment: Removal of contaminants from waste water before disposal to meet environmental regulations.

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