Gas Filter Housings

Gas Filter Housings

Jiantonio Group gas filter housings lead the industry in quality, reliability, and longevity. Each filter housing is built to ASME Code Section VIII Div. 1. We custom-design housings to meet international codes and regulation requirements. We understand that every process and scenario is unique which is why we work closely with our customers to design and customize our vessels.

However, we do understand that there are times when a process needs are urgent so we do keep a stock of some housings. Get in touch if you have a gas filtration or separation application need.

Gas Coalescing

Sentinel Horizontal Gas Coalescer

SentinelTL™ with the customizable Twist-LOK™ filter elements is the only Horizontal Coalescer on the market with the flexibility to be applied in all critical protection applications from compressor suction and protection to final measurement and regulation stations. It can also be applied in cryogenic processing plants as pre-and post process protection. The key to this product is it is not hampered by turn down issues inherent in traditional Filtration.


GR Series – Wet Gas Coalescer

The GR series reverse flow, wet gas coalescer removes compressor oil, trace hydrocarbons and water. It is not intended to remove particles or large amounts of water. This coalescer contains a large bottom sump area for the collected liquids, as well as a standard upper chamber sump.

GR series housings are configured vertically regardless of flow rate to utilize gravitational liquid removal benefits. These housings can be customized to customer specs including automation which is available for monitoring and dumping of collected liquids.

Gas Filtration & Separation

GD & GZ Series – Dry Gas Filter Housings

The GD and GZ series, forward flow, dry gas filter housings remove particulate contamination from dry gas including dust, dirt, sand and pipe scale. These filter housings are designed to filter fine particles from gases without excessive pressure differential build-up. Housings are available in vertical (GD series) or horizontal (GZ series) configurations and provide high flow rates at a low differential pressures.


GW & GE Series – Wet Gas Filter Separators

GW series filter separators for wet gas, remove particles of dust, dirt, sand and pipe scale plus liquids, including water, natural gas liquids, and light hydrocarbons. These housings have a two-stage construction utilizing cartridges and a mist eliminator. Choose the vertical configuration GW Series for low-volume applications. Also available is the GE series (horizontal housing configuration) for high-volume applications.

Scrubbers & Separators

Wire Mesh

  • Deliver excellent results over a broad range of gas/liquid separation tasks
  • Highest separation efficiency
  • Lowest installation costs

Standard & Double Pocket Vanes

  • Handles higher throughputs than mesh technology with a more robust construction.
  • Handles viscous liquids
  • Operates well in fouling service
  • If contaminants deposit on the vane blades, we can install the vanes with spray nozzles to clean the blades during operation

Cyclonic Tube Separators

  • In-line and multiccyclone separators provides protection down to the 3-5μm range of liquids and associated solids
  • Overall removal efficiency of 99.9% of normal pipeline contamination
  • Robust construction can operate in conditions where normal separators cannot, and where momentary flow rates above design conditions need to be tolerated without replacing filters continually.