Hydrotreating Filters & Catalyst Protection

As the hydrotreating takes place, sulfur and nitrogen are removed. It is important to remove particulate from the hydrotreater feed to protect the catalyst bed in the reactors and maintain the run life on catalyst beds at minimal cost.

Hydrotreating is an essential refinery process in crude distillation to remove sulfur and other impurities from feedstock through catalytic conversion in a hydrogen-rich environment over fixed catalyst beds at high temperatures and pressures, as well as convert low-value gas oils into valuable products that meet stringent clean fuels specifications.

Filter SolutionFilter PurposeFilter Benefit
01Backwashable ProGuard Series filter systems or LiquiPleat™ HF Series (High Flow) filter elements and vessels.Hydrotreater feed filtration removes solid contaminants such as scale, rust, and solid particles.Prevents unscheduled reactor downtime; reduced fouling in heat exchangers extending time between maintenance and shutdowns; fewer catalyst change-outs.
02Phase-PUR™ or Phase-LOK™ Series coalescing elements and vessels.Removal of water from hydrotreater feedstock.Prevents unscheduled reactor downtime, heat exchanger fouling, and extends catalyst bed life
03LiquiPleat™ HF Series (High Flow) filter elements and vessels.Removes solid contaminants such as scale and rust from desulfurized product.Protects downstream equipment, reduces maintenance and labor costs.
04Phase-PUR™ or Phase-LOK™ Series coalescing elements and vessels.Water removal from stabilized fuel.Maintains liquid fuel specifications, protects downstream equipment, and reduces maintenance costs.
05Micro-LOK™ or Micro-DEP™ Series coalescing elements and vessels.Removal of liquids and solids from recycle hydrogen.Efficient hydrogen compressor operation and significantly reduced maintenance costs.

Filtration Solutions for Hydrotreating

Jiantonio Group recommends pre-filtration using HORIZONTAL HIGH FLOW VESSELS with LiquiPleat JHT or JHF Series LIQUID FILTER CARTRIDGES along with Backwashable ProGuard Series filtration systems to protect the catalyst bed and reactor.

Advantages of Jiantonio Group Hydrotreating Filters

  • Jiantonio Group offers end to end solution giving you the advantage of sourcing the complete filtration solution from one provider.
  • In addition, because of the vast range of solutions and custom engineering capabilities, Jiantonio Group can recommend and implement the right solution for your process.
  • Leverage our expertise in this application to evaluate backwashable automated systems with minimal touchpoints, no employee exposure, minimum maintenance against Highflow solutions which maybe needed if the feed has high asphaltene (semi-solids) content.
  • We also offer pre-filtration to optimize the efficiency of the backwash systems.

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