High Temperature Feed Filter Cartridges

High Temperature Feed Filter Cartridges

Jiantonio Group High Temperature (HT) cartridges have been designed to filter solid particulates down to 0.5 microns from gas oil and other high temperature hydrocarbon feed streams with a maximum continuous temperature of 500 deg F in refinery applications. Higher temperature cartridges are available based on application requirements.

The refining industry is moving towards finer filtration to:

  • Protect process equipment,
  • Reduce costly maintenance, such as the replacement of catalysts, 
  • Help achieve new environmental regulations and
  • Mitigate maintenance issues by removing solid and semi-solid contaminants.
high temperature feed filter cartridges

High Temperature Feed Filter Cartridge Technology Advantage

High temperature feed filter cartridges can be used to upgrade from other filter technologies such as string-wound elements and strainer systems. Filter cartridges help mitigate issues with decreased performance over time, as well as cleaning issues related to other technologies such as pleated metal filters or backwashable systems.

Jiantonio Group High Temperature Cartridge FiltersString Wound ElementsPleated Metal Filters
Efficiency High Temperature Feed Filter cartridges offer better performance and higher efficiencies than alternate technologies such as string wound elements. Low surface area leading to low efficiency, frequent change outs and safety concerns Efficiency drops over time and filters need to be cleaned
Maintenance Solutions to filter finer contaminants at lower micron ratings and higher temperatures.

Replaced based on dP.
Elements unbind causing contamination.

Can be difficult to change out.
Need to be cleaned out using harsh chemicals causing downtime
high temperature feed filter cartridges in a vessel
high temperature feed filter cartridges in a group

Key Applications


Improve performance of backwashable filters installed in delayed cokers or in hydroprocessing units.

Pre-filtration installed before the backwash filters improve the performance of these multimillion dollar systems which are costly to clean and struggle with semi-solid contaminants in the feed.


Reduce the frequency of catalyst change out by improving feed quality going into Hydrotreater, CAT Cracker, CAT Reforming, Hydrocrackers.

It can also be used in VIS Breaker and BTX units.

Available in a wide range of cartridge sizes from small diameter (2.5” OD) to large diameter (6+” OD) to retrofit in existing vessels or fit new vessels designed for the application including high flows.


high temperature feed filters save $2,000,000 for refinery

Jiantonio Group Pre-filtration Solution to Save $2 Million for a US Refinery

high temperature feed filter for Oil & Gas Feed

Optimal Efficiency to Process Gas Oil Feed while Protect HDS Unit

high temperature feed filter series brochure

Jiantonio Group High Temperature (HT) Series Brochure

Filtration Applications for the Refining Industry

If the answer to any of the questions below is YES, talk to us today to optimize your feed filter system.

1- Is the backwash frequency on your feed filter higher than expected?

2- Are you skimming your catalyst bed?

3- Is your catalyst run cycle shortened by pressure drop?

4- Are you spending too much on cleaning your reusable filters?

5- Is your current feed filter system a maintenance nightmare?