Condensate Stabilization, Dewatering & Filtration

Natural gas liquids (NGLs) are produced in natural gas formations across the world. Condensate stabilization is the process in which heavier hydrocarbons typically C5+ is stabilized  in a tower by heating the condensate to drive off the light constituents, C1-C4, so that the condensates Reid Vapor pressure is reduced enough for safe transportation or within required customer specifications.

Common problems with poor filtration include high water load to the tower, fouling of tower trays, and heater bundles which leads to poor separation of the light ends.

Filtration Solutions for Condensate Stabilization, Dewatering & Filtration

Jiantonio Group recommends the JHFO, HIGH-FLOW and high dirt, particulate filter followed by a Liquid/Liquid Coalescer to provide maximum uptime for your stabilizer. We have a wide range of filter cartridges ideally suited for Condensate Stabilization, Dewatering & Filtration. These include: J-PACKS, PHASE LOK, PHASE PUR, Liquipleat, TRI-SHIELD.

Advantages of a Jiantonio Group Condensate Stabilization & Dewatering Filtration Solution

  • Jiantonio Group has a full range of technology solutions to deliver a complete filtration solution for Condensate Stabilization, Dewatering & Filtration
  • We have options of mesh pack or cartridge based filtration solutions based on customer needs.
  • Customizable pleated and depth filter options.

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