Scale capacity | Protect downstream equipment | Save capital budget with High Flow Rental Vessels

Jiantonio Group High Flow Rental Vessels

  • High Flow Rental Vessels are engineered to help optimize the performance and reliability of your processes.
  • They are designed for utilization in liquid applications with high flow rates.
  • Manufactured to fit Jiantonio Group Liquipleat HF Series Elements.
High Flow Rental Vessels design criteria

Jiantonio Group Advantage

  • All our high flow rental vessels are designed to ASME Code Standards, Section VIII, Division 1.
  • Units are skid mounted with quick opening closures to meet refinery requirements and to maximize element accessibility ensuring minimum downtime during element change outs.
  • Our horizontal housings are designed to minimize pressure drop and allow easy filter cartridge replacements.
  • The primary focus of the Liquipleat™ HF Series design is to provide absolute rated efficiencies without compromising the cartridge service life. To achieve this, we select filtration media with exceptional contaminant holding properties, but comparatively low flow resistance.

Rental Services

High Flow Rental Vessels Services


  • Single Element Housings
  • Three Element Housings
  • Seven Element Housings


  • Hydrocarbon Feed
  • Amine
  • Glycol
  • Cooling Water
  • Finished Products


  • Refining
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pipelines
  • Terminals
  • Oil Production

Benefits of Renting Filtration Vessels

  • Meet short-term process requirements quickly
  • Save on capital expense while meeting the filtration application requirements
  • Test filtration solutions in the field before investing in purchasing the equipment

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High Flow Rental Vessel