BTX Extraction Filtration

Aromatic fractionation or BTX filtration involves removing contaminants from extraction solvents like sulfolane.

Aromatic Fractionation is when a refinery utilizes reformate from the catalytic reformer and extracts the aromatics rather than blend them into gasoline. The aromatics are then separated in pure benzene, toluene, and mixed xylenes products at the BTX (benzenetoluene-xylene) Unit. The BTX is then either processed by a chemical unit within the refinery or sold to a chemical facility for production into a wide range of chemicals from solvents, to fibers, films, and plastics.

A key concern in this application is safety of the employees and prevention of exposure to hot toxic substance.

Filter SolutionFilter PurposeFilter Benefit

LiquiPleat™ Series Pleated Style Liquid Elements and Vessels.Removes scale and solid contaminants including iron sulfites.Protects downstream equipment.
Prevents heat exchanger and tower fouling.
Reduces foaming problems.

LiquiPleat™ HF Series “High Flow” Pleated Style Liquid Elements and Vessels.Removes solid particulates from the final product.Protects coalescers and other downstream equipment. Allows efficient operation of coalescers to remove water from the final product.

PhasePUR™ or Phase-LOK™ Series Liquid/Liquid Coalescing Elements and Vessels.Removes suspended water from the final product.Maintains sales specification of final product.
Reduces disposal, maintenance, and reprocessing costs.

Filtration Solutions for BTX Extraction

The most common filtration problems in aromatic fractionation are foaming and fouling. Solid particulates cause foaming resulting in reduced process flow and the injection of costly foaming inhibitors to regain control. Fouling also occurs from excessive particulate concentrations and reduces operating efficiencies in distillation and recovery towers, heat exchangers, and other downstream equipment. To meet sales quality specifications of BTX products; an optimal filtration system is required to remove both solid and liquid contaminants.

Jiantonio Group recommends HORIZONTAL HIGH FLOW VESSELS for liquid filtration combined with our LIQUIPLEAT SERIES pleated glass or Nomex cartridges for high temperature applications.

Advantages of Jiantonio Group BTX Extraction Filtration Solutions

  • Jiantonio Group offers end to end solution giving you the advantage of sourcing the complete filtration solution from one provider.
  • In addition, because of the vast range of solutions and custom engineering capabilities, Jiantonio Group can recommend and implement the right solution for your process.
  • Jiantonio Group has Higher temperatures filtration cartridges to replace nomex bags thus reducing number of change outs and employee exposure as well as downtime. Our customers have seen changeouts extended from once a shift/ 3 times a day to every two weeks.
  • Jiantonio Group is the only solution provider with this type of high flow high temperature solution which improves safety.

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