Air & Gas Filtration

Jon-AIR™ Filter Elements

Jiantonio Group Air Filter are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of industrial applications including: Power Generators, Gas Turbines, Air Compressors, Industrial Ovens, Anti-Static Equipment, Automated Machinery, Packaging Equipment, and Inspection Equipment.

JonAIR™ P Series

Rectangular Style Air Filter Elements

JonAIR P Series (JAF) high efficiency pleated panel filters are manufactured with various media options in heavy duty metal frames. All of them are produced according to the highest quality standards and optimized for the highest performance and lowest energy consumption.

These pleated media elements are designed to provide the optimum combination of particle removal efficiency and contaminant holding capability.

JonAIR™ PRE Series


The PRE series media panel is a replaceable media designed to reduce replacement costs by extending the service life of panel air filters.

Made from 100% non-woven bonded fibers, the pre-cut pads are engineered for single or multi-ply grades.

Available dry or treated with non-toxic, non-migratory, odorless adhesives that are incorporated into the fiber media.

JonAIR™ R Series

Round Style Air Filter Elements

JonAIR R Series (JAF) pleated round air filters are designed for high flow capabilities with greater dirt holding capacity and extended service life.

Designed for the toughest of operations and are available in various media grades, hardware, adhesives, and gaskets to suit your specific applications.